Criminology and Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Associate in Applied Science Degree

If you enjoy a challenge, work well on a team and want to make a difference in your community, the Criminal Justice program could be for you! Students learn skills that prepare them for careers with law enforcement agencies, private security organizations and businesses such as insurance companies just to name a few.  Earning an associate's degree in criminal justice may help prepare you for a variety of entry-level employment opportunities in this competitive field (See Career Opportunities for more information).

Program Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Describe how law enforcement principles, theories and methodologies apply to actual situations.
Goal 2: Explain the source of law and their importance.
Goal 3: Explain the process followed in a criminal case, step by step.
Goal 4: Discuss the Fourth Amendment law and its history and application.
Goal 5: Define probable cause as it relates to arrest and to search.
Goal 6: Define and explain the law regarding search, seizure, stop and arrest.
Goal 7: List and explain the basic rules of evidence, types of evidence, exclusionary rule, and fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine.
Goal 8: Know the law concerning confessions and statements.
Goal 9: Explain and discuss biological, sociological, psychological, and economic theories concerning the causes of juvenile delinquency.
Goal 10: Describe the legal definition of crime and explain each element in the definition.

Curriculum Guides

Criminal Justice - Associate in Applied Science Degree

Criminal Justice - Associate in Applied Science Degree (Online Option)


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