Withdrawal and Refund Procedures

Class Withdrawals and Tuition Refunds for Credit Classes

It is often necessary for students to drop/withdraw from a class.  How a drop affects your academic transcript or student account depends upon the official date of withdrawal and length of the class.  Official withdrawals may be made:

  1. by completing a drop form in-person with the Enrollment Services Office;
  2. by completing a drop form in-person or over the phone at the Carmi Center (618-382-8869);
  3. by phone at 618-252-5400 ext. 4120 (866-338-2742 toll free);
  4. by fax at 618-252-3062, listing the class(es) to be dropped;
  5. by email at
    NOTE: Any other attempts to withdraw are not considered official and will not be honored.  Refund requests based on non-attendance or lack of awareness of refund procedures are not considered justifiable.  Full refund of tuition and fees is granted if the college cancels a class.

Refund and Withdrawal Schedule for Credit Classes

Refund and Withdrawal Policy 9025



13-16 weeks
(regular semester)

Through the first 2 weeks
of class

After the first 2 weeks
of class

 2 weeks prior to finals
8-12 weeks Through the first week of class After the first week of class  One week prior to the end of class
3 to 7 weeks Through the first 2 days of class After the second day of class  2 days prior to end of class
Less than 3 weeks Before the first day of class After class begins  Depends on class-call for information

 *The refund period on a class is set according to the official begin date and not the first day that you actually attend the class.  To find the official beginning and end dates of your classes, see the printed schedule or use our online Course Search.  Classes dropped during the 100% refund period are not listed on your transcript.

**Classes dropped after the 100% refund period but before the grade penalty date receive a W grade (a non-punitive grade) on the transcript.  No refunds are issued during the period.  Financial aid status may be affected by drops during this period.  Classes cannot be dropped after this period except under extenuating circumstances.