Honored By Sen Fowler 2021 Team
Senator Dale Fowler and Representative Patrick Windhorst join members of SIC's Model Illinois Government team to recognize their record-breaking accomplishment in 2021.

Participants in Model Illinois Government have the opportunity to compete for and earn several prestigious awards throughout the simulation. Award recipients are chosen by an Awards Committee chaired by the Comptroller. Awards are presented at the end of the simulation and students may also campaign for executive leadership roles (Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, etc.) in order to take a more active role in the organization of the simulation. Southeastern Illinois College’s Model Illinois Government team has received many OUTSTANDING DELEGATION AWARDS throughout their participation in the simulation. These awards are determined by the total amount of awards and/or offices gained by each delegation attending the simulation. MIG rules prohibit any team from winning consecutive State Championships in the same class size. Team awards received are as follows:

2004 Outstanding Small Delegation
2005 Finalist for Outstanding Small Delegation
2006 Outstanding Large Delegation
2007 Outstanding Small Delegation
2009 Outstanding Small Delegation
2011 Outstanding Large Delegation
2012 Outstanding Small Delegation
2013 Finalist for Outstanding Small Delegation
2014 Outstanding Small Delegation
2015 Outstanding Large Delegation
2016 Outstanding Small Delegation
2017 Outstanding Large Delegation
2018 Finalist for Outstanding Small Delegation
2019 Outstanding Small Delegation
2020 Finalist for Outstanding Small Delegation
2021 Outstanding Large Delegation

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