This person will assign and coordinate work activities, set the standard for the work being performed, and conduct oversight of the work to ensure expectations are met. This goal is accomplished through successful execution of the following responsibilities:

Provide direction for daily activities, clearly communicate expectations and assignments.

Ensure employees are adequately trained and prepared to perform work assigned. Establish employee capabilities and provide training to improve skills as required. Assure effective shift exchange takes place. Hold employees accountable to the expectations provided, including quality of work, compliance to procedures, productivity, safe work practices, and Company rules. Practice visible leadership on the floor; maximize your time spent on the floor providing technical and administrative oversight of work through observations and surveillance. Provide timely coaching and positive reinforcement based on behavioral observations. Answer employee questions and resolve problems. Reinforce a questioning attitude on the floor by being attentive to issues raised by employees and responding appropriately in a timely manner.

Communicate to management and support organizations and safety, operational and personnel issues as appropriate. Create and maintain safe, clean, and orderly work environment. Recognize error likely situations and actively prevent errors. Promote and encourage the HPI culture.

How to Apply

Please go to BABCOCK.COM website to apply and for complete job descriptions and skill requirement.