Fiberglass Roller/Trimmer


PRIMARY FUNCTION: Responsible for smoothing out and removing air pockets from fiberglass laminate during the lay up and construction process of fiberglass barge covers or other fiberglass products. Compresses or works laminate into valleys, ribs, and pipe edges. Cuts, trims, and patches laminate to ensure fiberglass lay up area is completely covered as required. Performs all work as a team member. Follows all safety rules and practices.

Roller-C (704C):

Entry level trainee position.

Performs simple lay-up task with supervision.

Basic understanding of Roller tools and equipment.

Performs general housekeeping and clean-up work in production area.

Performs other similar or related task as required


Must be familiar with the fiberglass process procedures and quality requirements. Must also have the ability and experience to recognize air pockets and possible defects. Must have knowledge and experience in the use of hand tools such as roller, broom, and cutters required to complete the task. Knowledge and skill is acquired through working experience or on-the job training.

Regular and predictable attendance is required.