Illinois Tutoring Initiative – High Impact Tutor


This is a part-time grant funded position providing tutoring services for students in Pk-12 schools. Tutors will be matched with students by proximity, content area and age-level. Tutoring may occur face-to-face or online. Tutors will work consistently with the same student(s) for the period of one semester for 3 hour-long sessions per week. Regular attendance is a requirement and expectation for this position.

Essential Responsibilities:

1. Review student information and data from previous sessions in order to plan for tutoring sessions.
2. Conduct in-person or online tutoring sessions in 1:1 setting and/or 3:1 small group setting 3 times per week for the duration of the semester session.
3. Utilize online materials and/or planning materials available to tutors or from recommended educational sources.
4. Assess students’ skills for areas of need or recommended content area.
5. Submit session forms after each session that includes notes on performance/assessment information and planning notes for the next session.
6. Submit attendance and timesheets weekly.


  • Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Must have had a passing grade in the topic area of tutoring.
  • Previous experience working with Pk-12 students preferred.
  • Must have prior work experience working with iPad or laptop for use in tutoring sessions and/or submitting required paperwork.
  • Excellent communication and organization skills.



How to Apply

The position will remain open until filled. Send cover letter, resume, references, copies of transcripts, and completed SIC faculty application to: Human Resources Department, Southeastern Illinois College, 3575 College Road, Harrisburg, Illinois 62946.