Troubleshoot and repair mechanical problems occurring on most plant systems. Understand and apply the principles of mechanical balance, vibration control, and axle alignment. Understand and apply proper mechanical alignment methods. Measure current, voltage, and resistance. Determine if electrical controls are energized or de-energized including foreign power sources. Work on single phase and three phase electrical powered machines and systems. Repair equipment with simple, and obvious electrical defects such as burned out lamps, frayed wires, corroded terminals. Layout and install simple machines and equipment using appropriate lagging, leveling, aligning, and grouting. Perform precision alignment on new and existing machinery. Use hydraulic and pneumatic schematics, process flow diagrams, mechanical 3-view drawings, specifications, ladder logic diagrams, assembly instructions, and other forms of written or verbal instructions to accomplish assignments. Safely operate a fully loaded fork lift. Safely operate all plant cranes, jibs, and hoists. Operate lawn mowers, tractors, tractor-trucks, pallet movers, etc. Must have the ability to wear a cartridge type respirator. Test machine and system functions while performing preventive or reactive maintenance and prior to releasing system for production. Perform carpentry and rigging. Provide maintenance data, fault codes, diagnosis, time to repair, parts used, and other significant recordable maintenance history as required by management or craft leads.

How to Apply

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