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The Menta Group® (a not-for-profit organization) began with one student, one teacher and two clinicians. From the organization’s beginning, there has been a strong emphasis on meeting the educational, social and emotional needs of young people who have severe behavioral and emotional disabilities. This emphasis has led to the development of a “no-refusal, no expulsion” policy. The people of The Menta Group believe that the best place for children and adolescents is in stable home and school environments. Resources are actively used to ensure that this is available to even the most challenging young person. We employ a truly dedicated team of professionals who work hard each day to meet these goals in support of our Mission and Vision, and to uphold our stated Core Values.
Position(s) for which The MENTA Group is recruiting: Special Education Services (SES) & Children for Family Services (CFS) are seeking educators (special education, regular content areas, and administrators), social workers, psychologists, speech pathologists, and four-year college and two year community college degreed personnel in these areas:

State Certification in Special Education: The candidates with State certification in Special Education are welcomed to apply.

State Certificates in Education: People with various subject matter certificates must be willing to immediately pursue Special Education endorsement as issued by the State in which they work with our programs.

State Certificates in Social Work/Psychology: Must be ready to work on clinical teams at any of the listed schools or family & children service agencies. Masters or doctorate in school/educational psychology/social work with a clinical license or school certificate is preferred.

State Certified Speech Pathologist: (SLP) Speech Language Pathology Certification and CCC Accreditation. The person must function as part of an education and therapeutic team in carrying out the Individual Education Plan.

College degreed people without teaching credentials and without state certification:  College degreed people can still be employed as substitute teachers in our classrooms with a Teaching Certificate, instructors, teaching assistants, and direct service providers in the community social service programs

How to Apply

Please contact:

Charles F. Hejny
Director of Recruiting
The Menta Group: Special Education Services/Center for Family Services
Serving: The Chicago, Illinois Metro & Mid-State Areas, and the Mesa/Casa Grande/Tolleson, Maricopa County Areas, Arizona

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