Promotional Marketing Editor


40hrs per week, with regular evening and weekend work during the  racing seasonBackground




Bill Baird Motorsports is an established racing organization that is developing into a retail business.  Founded in 1990, it has grown to be the area’s most technologically advanced racing organization, and continues to compete on multiple national levels that include Motocross and Ultra4.

Scope of Work

Bill Baird Motorsports is seeking a Promotional Marketing Editor to support the organizations growing business.  This will be a very exciting position that will allow the applicant to see many parts of the country while helping a new business grow.

 Duties and Responsibilities

  • ·         Coordinate all production of marketing materials
  • ·         Oversee and develop audio and video for promotional pieces
  • ·         Responsible for editing of photos and videos
  • ·         Coordinate advertising and promotional campaigns
  • ·         Oversee and coordinate market research
  • ·         Responsible for venue dressing and signage
  • ·         Responsible for distribution of marketing materials
  • ·         Coordinate and implement target marketing for specific events
  • ·         Assist with the organization’s website and updating content as it happens
  • ·         Coordinate the organization’s internet and social networking profile
  • ·         Oversee and coordinate advertisement campaigns and distribution strategies
  • ·         Assist with events as needed
  • ·         Any other duties that may be specified by and agreed with the General Manager/ Crew Chief


Applicant must possess the vision to drive a new innovative business to the forefront of its industry through the use of various media and advertising tactics.


Salary:  Negotiable upon hire

Contract:   Full Time Position

How to Apply

Contact Information:

Jacob May

Bill Baird Motorsports

North Wallace Lane

Sturgis, KY 42459

 (270) 333-2104