Software Developer I


A. Position Description

  1. Key Tasks (e.g., solve technical/equipment problems; size up problem situations; offer expert advice; serve as a mentor/coach, etc.).  Use existing position description where available/appropriate.

The new Software Developer I EE will play a key role and maintaining, enhancing, and developing new capabilities for the front end business systems at Scot Forge.  Long term, the Software Developer I person will be expected to grow into our lead person looking “horizontally” across the organization to become a business partner to our operating functions and other EE’s.  The following critical tasks will be part of the position responsibilities:


  1. Learn our customized software applications that reside in the OpenBasic language and that enables Sales, Process Engineering, Manufacturing, and other business processes
  2. Gain an understanding of Scot Forge’s business processes and absorb knowledge transfer on both the technical side and business side of those processes
  3. Provide ongoing and long term production support. Learn how production fixes are made and eventually perform those fixes. Assist in error proofing our systems code
  4. Develop creative ways to document our systems for future developers and business analysts in areas that support critical fixes or critical restore situations
  5. Develop new value-producing enhancements
  6. Reduce our risk in a critical part of the business
  7. This new permanent Software Developer position is also expected to develop programs in other software languages such as Java, .Net, and C/C# as well as have the capability to learn other software languages
  8. Ability to create order and structure in our software applications


B. Competency Requirements

1. Technical Skills for Opening (e.g., CNC programmer, 480 Volt electrical, Solidworks, PLC,  NDT etc.)

  1. Strong analytical thinking
  2. High level of curiosity and lifelong learning mindset
  3. Manufacturing experience (preferred but not mandatory)
  4. Strong collaboration skills and the ability to work collaboratively with various types of people in our culture
  5. Strong “customer first” mentality
  6. Attention to detail and documentation
  7. Strong business knowledge (or high capability to learn)

3. Education and/or Yrs. of Experience (e.g., Engineering Degree or more than 5 yrs of Manufacturing Experience. etc.)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Engineering or Related Field
  • Experience is preferred but not mandatory
  • Existing software development experience (preferably in Java, .Net or other relevant software languages.).   It is not a prerequisite that the person knows OpenBasic but that would be a plus
  • Experience with the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process

4. Unique Requirements for Opening (e.g., speaks Spanish, proof of certification,   Etc.)

  • Certain software development language certifications (Java, .Net, C/C#, etc.) is preferred but not mandatory
  • Other IT certifications in SDLC, ITIL or other areas is preferred but not mandatory




How to Apply

8001 Winn Road
Spring Grove, Illinois 60081
815-675-4222 Direct