The main focus of this position is to oversee project specific manufacturing at B&W sub-suppliers. This individual will assure that the work conducted at sub-suppliers is on schedule and meets specific quality requirements.

Frequent travel to B&W sub-suppliers to oversee and verify work being performed. Track all work at B&W sub-suppliers to assure schedules are being met. Work with B&W material control personnel to assure sub-suppliers have received material when needed. Work with B&W material control to arrange for shipment of parts to and from sub-suppliers. Take the lead on writing and revising B&W sub-supplier purchase requisitions and purchase orders. Maintain close communication with the B&W on-site project team to assure sub-supplier activities are supporting the overall project plan. Work with sub-supplier and B&W on-site project team to disposition any non-conformances at the sub-suppliers. Assure that design changes get communicated to the sub-suppliers and incorporated into their manufacturing plans. Involved in regular communication with our customer regarding sub-supplier performance. Works with sub-suppliers to develop recovery strategies to resolve non-conforming conditions and schedule slips. Performs special assignments as deemed necessary by immediate supervisor.

How to Apply

Please go to BABCOCK.COM website to apply and for complete job descriptions and skill requirement.