Truck Shop Technician


Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Diagnoses and repairs the overall truck in the service shop.
  • Responsible for testing, repairing and rebuilding engines and all support systems and components on the vehicle. 
  • Completes all required reporting for service time in an accurate and timely manner; this includes writing service reports, properly allocating time to each job, ordering parts, and tracking parts charged and parts returned.
  • Maintains customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs and deadlines, attempting to complete scheduled repairs and service as safely, timely and accurately as possible.
  • Maintains company issued equipment and tools, keeping them in good working order.
  • Adheres to all safety rules and maintains good housekeeping (5S) in shop area and properly maintaining company issued tools and equipment.



  • Knowledge, skills and abilities typically acquired through a high school education or equivalent.  Technical background provided through a vocational school with studies in diesel equipment repair preferred.
  • Three to five years’ mechanical experience with trucks, preferably with Caterpillar but other industry models are acceptable.  Strong working knowledge of power train and electrical systems.
  • Solid understanding of work area metrics, takes responsibility for improving metrics and results.   Understands the value of 6 Sigma in the workplace and contributes when asked.  Applies initiative, demonstrating a “self-starting” ability to daily work and proactively making improvements to the work process.
  • Exhibits good problem solving skills; is able to identify problems, solicit other’s opinions and offer valid solutions.  Interprets and applies policies, procedures and guidelines. Demonstrates a basic understanding of warranty administration. 
  • Responds to customer requests with a sense of urgency, treating customers as his/her highest priority.  Takes personal responsibility with customers, keeping commitments and following through on requests.
  • Is able to project professionalism with both internal and external customers, including personal appearance along with friendly, courteous treatment of peers, subordinates and customers.
  • A strong knowledge of the product and a good knowledge of the product market with a strong respect for the Caterpillar influence.
  • Moderate computer skills, including experience using Microsoft Office.  Moderate experience using data base systems.
  • The ability to work overtime and weekends.