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If you are pursuing a career in nursing or other healthcare disciplines, Southeastern is the place for you! Our caring instructors guide students through the programs and keep them on track to succeed with encouragement, dedication, a lot of hard work, and fun activities along the way. Our nursing students graduate and pass their state exams with some of the highest rates in the state.

We offer additional programs for those who prefer to work in a different discipline of health care, such as Pharmacy Technician, or Phlebotomy.

Visit www.sic.edu/nursing for more information about our nursing and allied health programs.

GradeEnglishMathScienceSocial Studies/SciencesOther Required Courses, Recommended Electives, and Learner ActivitiesCareer & Technical Courses and/or Degree Major CourseOccupations Relating to this Pathway
9English 9 or College Prep (CP) 9Algebra I/GeometryBiology I/EcologyCivicsHYG 121CNA
10English 10 or CP 10Geometry/Algebra IIBiology II/Biology I/Chem IWorld History
11English 11 or American LitAlgebra II/Pre-CalcChemistry I/ IIUS History*NUR 195 – Medical Term
12English 12 or English Lit or *ENG 121PreCalc/ Occupational Math/ CalculusPhysicsGovernment*NUR 153 – Medication Calc CNA 131 – Certified Nursing Assistant (optional through Health Occupations program or Summer Early College program)
*Dual credit/enrollment courses with Southeastern Illinois College save students money and time towards their degree or certificate.
NOTE: Students much apply for admission and take the TEAS test by the end of March of each year for classes beginning in the Fall semester.
NOTE: See Practical Nursing curriculum guide on SIC’s website at www.sic.edu for more information concerning requirements for Practical Nursing program.
Postsecondary13ENG 121 (if not taken as dual credit/ enrollment)BIOL 161 (if not taken as dual credit/ enrollment) Or BIOL 261+BIOL 262PSYC 121 (if not taken as dual credit/ enrollment)NUR 195
NUR 153
CPR 131
If pre-requisites have already been met and student(s) has been accepted into the nursing program, the following sequence of courses will be taken to complete Practical Nursing program at SIC.
Postsecondary13NUR 151
NUR 170
NUR 171
NUR 172
NUR 173
NUR 176
NUR 177
NUR 178
NUR 190
NUR 198
NUR 199
NUR 211
Licensed Practical Nurse
NOTE: Upon successful completion of SIC’s Practical Nursing program, students may sit for the state licensure exam (NCLEX). Students must receive a passing score on NCLEX exam to receive their nursing license to practice in the state of Illinois.

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Transfer Pathway

University PartnerContact Information
Chamberlain College of NursingDavid Kline
Illinois State University
Mennonite School of Nursing
Campus Box 5810
Normal, IL 61790
McKendree UniversityDr. Richelle Rennegarbe
McKendree University
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleKristin Hickam
Program Advisor, SIUE School of Nursing
University of Illinois at Chicago(877)-722-2268 Option 1
Indiana Wesleyan University(866)-498-4968
Southeastern Illinois College has a number of agreements/partnerships with various four-year colleges and universities for licensed registered nurses who have completed an associate's degree in nursing program to earn their bachelor's degree.

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