Model Illinois Government (MIG)

SIC MIG Team At Lincoln Home
The 2021-22 SIC MIG Team won top honors at the state competition. Pictured in front of the Lincoln Home (l-r) are Jaxson Berry, Jacob Lemon, Callie Oxford, Coach Matt Lees, Aleece McLeod, Jillian Womack, and Oliver Abell.

The Model Illinois Government (MIG) simulation is structured for a legislative simulation, as well as a moot court competition in the actual House and Senate chambers in our State’s Capitol in Springfield. Students choose various simulation roles including: legislator, lobbyist, journalist, attorney, judge, and numerous positions of party, committee, and chamber leadership. MIG is a wonderful opportunity to hone your debate and communication skills against college students from across the state including the University of Illinois at Champaign, the University of Illinois at Springfield, Southern Illinois University, Illinois State, Eastern, and Western Universities.

Coaches / Sponsors

Matthew Lees

Model Illinois Government

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