2014 GED Test Change

January 8, 2014

Along with the 2014 GED Test change is coming positive change to the GED Program at Southeastern Illinois College (SIC). The world is changing and it’s taking adult learners with it. GED Testing Service ( states that four million U.S. jobs go unfilled each year because there aren’t enough people with the right skills and abilities. In response, GED Testing Service created the 2014 GED Test to bridge that gap between adults and middle-skill jobs. The 2014 GED test is aligned with national career- and college-readiness standards to ensure that GED graduates are prepared to enroll in college and compete for middle-skill jobs.  The new computerized 2014 GED test will provide instant detailed score reports. The computerized official practice test, GED Ready, will even give students feedback and tell them exactly what they need to study from whatever GED studying resource they are using. 

GED Testing Service and SIC’s GED program are bridging gaps between adult learners and the growing number of middle-skill jobs by building a high school equivalency system that focuses on the learner and supports them from start-to-finish. It is accomplished through personalized preparation, focused feedback and remediation, and access to career tools that will help students find a career that fits their abilities. The goal of the GED Program at SIC is not simply to get adult learners to pass their GED. The focus of SIC and all adult education programs is becoming more orientated toward helping students build these career pathways so they can fill the available jobs and care for their families.  We want to offer our adult learners support and resources to transition into jobs or college programs.  SIC’s GED Program can provide students with career exploration tools and information to help students formulate a plan of action to reach their chosen career. We can also direct them to additional resources available at SIC or in the community.  The GED Program at SIC is bridging the gap by offering a free Introduction to Healthcare class to students enrolled in GED classes with SIC. The focus of this free class will be integrating learning about healthcare career pathways while simultaneously preparing for the GED test and learning skills necessary in the workforce and in college, such as study skills, how to write a resume, how to search for jobs, etc. The free Introduction to Healthcare Careers Class will begin Jan. 21 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1-3 p.m.

March with us, and help build the educated and employed communities of tomorrow.



Letter to the editor by Lindsey Duvall, ABE/GED Coordinator & Data Manager at Southeastern Illinois College.