Opportunities Still Abound With SIC's Mini-Semester

January 27, 2014

Though the calendar has turned to a new year and the “regular” spring semester is pushing three weeks old, it’s still not too late to get back into the game academically at Southeastern Illinois College, thanks to the institution’s slate of mini-semester courses.

Mini-semester courses are available in a wide variety of areas of study, modes (online and on-campus) and duration. The length of courses spans from basic computer classes lasting around three weeks to fitness classes that run through the end of May.

The offerings also include several online classes in both academic major and general education areas that could be attractive to traditional students who have found room to fit another course into their schedule, or have a specific course they need to finish before graduation or transfer. The range of online courses includes Microeconomics, Principles of Public Speaking, Rhetoric and Composition I and II, American Government, and more.

For those looking for more immediate and career-focused educational experience, truck-driving courses are scheduled to run from March 18 through April 26. An eight-week welding class is also slated for a March 17 launch.

Fitness enthusiasts have options to choose from as well. They include aerobic fitness offerings in Carmi, with early morning and evening time slots, as well as beginning jazz and tap dance classes offered during the day at the main SIC campus in Harrisburg.

Students already enrolled at SIC may register for these classes on MySIC. Others who are interested can view a full listing of mini-semester courses, as well as registration contact information, at