Welcome Back, FALCONS!

August 14, 2017

Welcome Back, FALCONS!



The start of the fall semester is always an exhilarating time here at Southeastern. We are always excited to have our students back, and the hallways busy. For those of you joining us again, welcome back! Our hopes are that you quickly get back into the swing of things. To our new students, welcome! We are so glad that you chose SIC for this new chapter in your life!

I just wanted to offer some advice on this first day back. First and foremost, enjoy your college experience! Work hard in classes, and reap the rewards. Get involved in clubs and organizations—you will make lifelong friends this way.  Stay connected—be sure to check your Falcon Mail, and keep an eye on SIC’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… you never know when you might see a familiar face! Take advantage of the many resources we have available to you here at SIC, such as the Student Success Center, the Library, and even instructor’s office hours, just to name a few. As you work hard, take some time to relax as well. This is a time to learn more about yourself, and what interests you, so take every opportunity possible to explore and grow!

Again, WELCOME, and have a wonderful year!

Melody Bryant
Communications and Relations Specialist