Area High School Students Visit SIC for Business Skills Competition

March 9, 2018

Carmi-White County High School is the overall winner for the high school business skills competition at Southeastern Illinois College.

The event, held Feb. 22, included six categories for individual students to compete with their peers from other SIC district high schools.  Those schools competing this year included Carmi-White County, Carrier Mills-Stonefort, Eldorado, Galatia, Gallatin County, Hardin County, Harrisburg and Pope County. 

Several of the events in this competition involve an objective exam while others have a hands-on component. The top two scorers from each event are recognized at the awards ceremony. Each high school can enter up to two students per event and the top score from each event is used to calculate the overall winner.

“The Business Skills Competition is a great way for students to visit SIC and network with potential instructors, students and staff,” said business instructor, Kelsie Bond-Rodman. “I always enjoy meeting and talking to future SIC students.  On behalf of the Business Department at SIC, I would like to congratulate all the winners, and we look forward to seeing you next year at SIC.”

In the accounting category, the 100-question test covers such topics as balance sheets, income statements, work sheets, adjusting and closing entries, account balances, notes receivable and petty cash. Students are not allowed to use calculators or cell phones during the test. This section was only available to students who are enrolled in the first or second accounting course or have had at least one year of accounting. Kiley Brown of Gallatin County received second place, and Desiraii Fowler of Hardin County took first.

The general business category covers banking, budgeting, careers, economic systems, insurance, marketing and other business information. This event is open to students enrolled in General business, introduction to Business or Consumer Economics classes. Trenton Kittinger of Carmi received second place while Zach Haney of Harrisburg took first.

Business presentation is the newest category, as it was introduced last year. In this category, a two student team given a topic and they were to use presentation software to deliver a six-minute presentation and were required to wear business casual attire. This year’s topic was strategies for avoiding, reducing, and repaying student loans. The presenters were required to use a presentation software to deliver their presentations. Kallie Keasler and Abbie Keasler of Gallatin County were awarded second place while Allie Hughes and Alisa White of Pope County won first.

Excel tests student knowledge on basic concepts in Excel, formatting workbook test and data, and calculating data with formulas and functions. The event includes an excel spreadsheet test and an exam involving multiple choice and true/false questions. Chaitlyn Stanley of Eldorado placed second and Lacey Cobb of Carmi took first.

In information technology, participants must reassemble a computer, determine basic networking properties, and complete a test. Dylan Boggs of Gallatin County took second place while Logan Spruell of Carmi won first place.

Finally, the web design category required students to modify a web page working with HTML code as well as an exam.  David Matthews of Gallatin County took second place and Konner Gross of Gallatin County took first place. 

This year’s guest speaker was Lindsey Hamlin Heldenfels. Heldenfels, a Marion native, attended SIUC in 2005 to receive a bachelor’s degree in Mortuary Science & Funeral Service. She began working towards a Master of Business Administration from McKendree University in 2009. She currently works as a Human Resources Assistant for Banterra Bank, working from Nashville, TN. The topics of her speech included first impressions, professionalism, and the effect that self-representation today has on tomorrow.

The purpose of the event is not only to encourage and enhance the study of business knowledge and skills at an early age but to familiarize area high school students with the available business and computer information technology programs at SIC. 

Southeastern has traditional and online business degree programs.  To learn more, contact a SIC recruiter at 618-252-5400, ext. 2245, or visit or


 Written by Bailey Drone, Student Writer

1 First Place 2018 – Carmi-White Co HS – Carmi-White County High School won the high overall award for the top scoring team at the SIC Business Skills Competition.  Pictured (not listed in order) are Peyton Roedder, William Ledford, Tyler Spence, Lacey Cobb, Trenton Kittinger, Justin Weaver, Lane Camp, Cole Carter, Dillon Womack, Brett Hansman, Logan Spruell, and Payton Dale.

2 Gallatin Co HS – Gallatin County High School participants in the Business Skills Competition at SIC are (not listed in order) Kiley Brown, Hannah Sauls, Zach Rider, Chris Tedford, Madison Raymer, Fallon Scates, Kallie Keasler, Abbie Keasler, Konner Gross, David Matthews, Dylan Boggs and Dylan Garrison. 

3 Harrisburg HS – Harrisburg High School participants in the Business Skills Competition at SIC are (not listed in order) Angela Colby, Haleigh Steinmetz, Colton Tanner, Grayson Woolard, Zach Haney, Christian Williams, Callie Oxford, Taylor Taborn, Christian Murray and Michael Jaster.

4 Pope Co HS – Pope County High School participants in the Business Skills Competition at SIC are (not listed in order) Matt Sherrod, Taylor Hall, Natalie Bonnell, Hannah Barger, Jacey Barns, Raenah King, Allie Hughes, Alisa White, Allyson Eddington, Noah Hall, Cameron Hill, and Kennadie Ohse.

5 Hardin Co HS – Hardin County High School participants in the Business Skills Competition at SIC are (not listed in order) Desiraii Fowler, Christian Lane, Kassi Ketten, Mackenzie Dutton, Kaitlyn Lamar, Samantha Oxford, Brody Oxford, Jett Spivey and Nyssa Mills.

6 Eldorado HS – Eldorado High School participants in the Business Skills Competition at SIC are (not listed in order) Braden Attebury, Brandon Burnett, Garrett Canimore, Chaitlyn Stanley, Macie McGowan, Dustin Mitchell, Lexa Carney, Ashlyn Sizemore, Emilie Farmer and Alex Stevens.

7 Galatia HS – Galatia High School participants in the Business Skills Competition at SIC are (not listed in order) Macey Fletcher, Aliyah Brown, Allen Marvel and Kelsi Watson.

8 Carrier Mills-Stonefort HS – Carrier Mills-Stonefort High School participants in the Business Skills Competition at SIC are (not listed in order) Aaron and Brandon Metzger.