SIC to Offer More Options for Private Music Instruction

August 28, 2014

Southeastern Illinois College is currently asking those 16 years of age and older who have an interest in private music instruction to speak up and tell what instrument they would like to learn.

SIC not only wants to increase the number of students in voice and piano lessons already offered, but would like to expand private music instruction to a variety of instruments.

“While gaining students in voice and piano, we would like to see what other instrumental lessons people are interested in, such as strings, percussion, woodwinds and brass, so we can hire adjunct faculty if need be,” said SIC Music Instructor, Tiffany Kesler. “We will have to see what instruments people want to learn, find an instructor for that category and grow from there.”

SIC asks that those interested speak with Kesler about instruments they want to learn and preferred time of lessons. For this and other information on private music instruction, contact Tiffany Kesler at or 252-5400 ext. 2235.