March 24, 2014

A former Southeastern Illinois College student has attained a top position with the official governing body of the world’s largest sporting clays association.  

Brett Moyes, a native of Olney, was recently named Director of the National Sporting Clays Association, headquartered at the National Shooting Sports Complex in San Antonio, Texas.  

“This is a position which I happily accepted,” Moyes said. “I look forward to continued dedication to the sport that has provided me and my family with so much.”

Moyes joined Southeastern’s Game Preserve Management and Shooting Complex Management program in 2000 after hearing about it from his uncle, Randy Clark, who had gone through the program earlier, and now works with the National Shooting Sports Foundation. 

During his time with the Southeastern program, Moyes did his internship on the Encino Division of the King Ranch, in Texas.

“The experience and knowledge taught during the internship, at least for me was the largest positive from the program. I still believe that the folks down there are some of the most knowledgeable people in the hunting industry and what they are willing to share with you is great.”

Moyes didn’t have to wait long for his work in the program through SIC to pay off. Two weeks after finishing his internship 2001, he started his first managerial position in South Carolina, at a hunting and sporting clays facility. From there, he moved on to a couple of different positions in Texas before starting his own trap and rental sales company.

Though the company was near and dear to his heart, Moyes feels that settling down a bit from a life spending half his time on the road will be worth it, allowing him to spend more time with his wife Whitney, and young son Kenneth.

“My overall experience was nothing but positive, I still have people that I consider friends that I speak to occasionally from those two years in the program,” Moyes said.