Top Teams Recognized at SIC Board Meeting

April 22, 2014

The Southeastern Illinois College Board met Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 6:00 pm and recognized its championship competitive teams this past year.

Coaches and teams were recognized by the board for their accomplishments, including a speech team, the Forensic Falcons, that just earned first  place in the nation in individual events competition, national championship archery team including 8 All-Americans, shooting team, and state champions from Model Illinois Government and Cosmetology.

“Southeastern has always prided itself on both uniqueness and quality,” said President Dr. Jonah Rice.

“These students and coaches represent the best of the best and we couldn’t be more proud of them,” added Board Chairman Dr. Pat York.

Chief Financial Officer David Wright informed the Board that the College was recently notified that the Illinois Public Risk Fund will recognize the College later this Spring for its safety ratings.  A formal presentation will be part of that recognition.

The Board also heard an extensive report on the trend of high school population in the district with an analysis of attrition rates between freshmen and senior years.

“The high school population is shrinking, and our focus for the future will be to focus on retention and completion,” said Dean of Student Services Chad Flannery.

Dr. Dana Keating, Vice-President of Academics and Student Services, presented elements of the College’s strategies already in place and currently being developed in order to strengthen retention and success efforts.  Keating praised the College’s  Quality Initiative Team, made up of faculty and staff, who are working on a number of retention efforts.

“SIC is small enough to really focus on providing one-on-one attention,” said Rice.

In terms of finance, the Board was presented with the Governor’s proposed budget with and without reduction projections.

Administrators provided the Board with two national studies explaining the national funding shortfalls in education.

The SICEA faculty representative also provided an update on their scholarship award.

Dr. Mickey Latour was approved as a biofuels advisory member and Meghan Densch was approved as a business advisory member.  A number of adjuncts were also approved.