Forensic Falcons Named Tournament Champions at College of DuPage

January 23, 2020

Southeastern Illinois College’s Forensic Falcons were named tournament champions at this weekend’s Frankly Speaking Invitational Tournament at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Every member of the team advanced an event to open elimination rounds in what is known as a “team break.” In addition to the top team prize, the Falcons also brought home 10 individual championships.

Director of Forensics Jenny Billman explains, “This team is growth-minded. They push themselves to improve their presentations every round, every day. Competitive success is a byproduct of this mindset.”

Sophomore Billy Lewis continues, “It’s always a joy to travel with this team. The tournament went great, and I was very proud of how everyone did.”

The team will compete next at the Harper College tournament in February. Each tournament serves as preparation for the 2020 Phi Rho Pi National Tournament in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The team is coached by Jenny Billman, Dr. Tyler Billman, and Paul Cummins.

Individual results from the tournament are as follows.

Bradley Frailey (Harrisburg): 1st duo interpretation (with partner Tucker Murphy), 1st program oral interpretation champion, 1st poetry

Billy Lewis (Carrier Mills): 1st prose, 2nd dramatic interpretation, 2nd duo interpretation (with partner Kale Rister), 2nd poetry interpretation, 2nd overall sweepstakes

Kenzee Dycus (Mount Vernon): 1st informative speaking, 2nd persuasive speaking, 2nd speech to entertain, 4th communication analysis, 3rd overall sweepstakes

Kale Rister (Carrier Mills): 1st dramatic interpretation, 2nd duo interpretation (with partner Billy Lewis), 3rd speech to entertain, 4th overall sweepstakes

Tucker Murphy (Golconda): 1st duo interpretation (with partner Bradley Frailey), 2nd communication analysis, 3rd program oral interpretation, 4th speech to entertain, 5th individual sweepstakes

Nick Triplett (Galatia): 1st debate individual speaker, finalist two-year IPDA debate, 2nd two-year impromptu speaking, 4th informative speaking,

Collin Sexton (Norris City): 1st extemporaneous speaking, 4th impromptu speaking

Jasmine Teston (Harrisburg): 1st two-year communication analysis, 2nd prose interpretation, 5th dramatic interpretation

Tiffany Turner (Galatia): 1st two-year prose interpretation, 5th program oral interpretation

Jacob Rice (Marion): 2nd impromptu speaking, semifinalist open IPDA debate, 3rd individual speaker in debate, 3rd extemporaneous speaking

Shainna Ralston (Eldorado): 2nd two-year prose interpretation, 5th persuasion, 6th dramatic interpretation

William Pugsley (Carmi): 2nd extemporaneous speaking, 5th impromptu speaking

Addie Mays (Mount Vernon): 3rd communication analysis, 6th persuasive speaking

Alex Peebels (Carrier Mills): 3rd informative speaking, 3rd 2-year speech to entertain

Christian Murray (Harrisburg): 3rd prose