SIC Gives Successful Start to Local Pharmacist

September 5, 2018

Southeastern Illinois College is known across the region as a cost-effective option for education. Low tuition rates are amongst the most well-known traits of SIC.

However, these low prices do not come at the expense of educational quality. The education offered at SIC is both affordable and effective.

This combination is proven by the countless community members who began their successful careers at SIC. Many people, both in our area and beyond, began their education at SIC, finding success in a multitude of fields.

Cody Sandusky is one of the many community members who includes SIC in his success story. Sandusky graduated from SIC in 2008. He then transferred to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), and now practices as a pharmacist at Plum Street Pharmacy in Carmi. With the long road to becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy, Sandusky had many reasons to begin his education at SIC.

“I attended my first year at SIC on a music scholarship,” Sandusky said. “With the soaring cost of higher education, attending SIC was first and foremost a logical and economical choice. Furthermore, SIC's reputation for its Math and Science Department and its track record for producing many successful alumni in our area was the evidence I needed to choose SIC.”

Sandusky then transferred to SIUE where he studied through a doctoral program in pharmacy. Despite receiving most of his education at SIUE, Sandusky’s experience at SIC played a tremendous role in setting him on his career path.

“I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the faculty at SIC,” Sandusky said. “The one-on-one attention, small class sizes, and knowing my teachers truly cared about our futures all made SIC a wonderful learning environment.”

Sandusky claims that these attributes aid in creating a community of people who genuinely care about those around them. The sense of community and friendship provided lessons that Sandusky has carried far beyond any classroom.

“Being a student at SIC, I witnessed numerous acts of selflessness, charity and going above and beyond,” Sandusky said. “These might have been faculty and staff spending hours well past their normal workday to help their students, community members supporting SIC's programs financially or encouragingly or just friends helping each other out in their course of study.  I've always been appreciative of that, and took away from it an invaluable mindset of giving back.”

The close-knit and compassionate environment at SIC naturally lead Sandusky into long-lasting friendships, creating many fond memories.

“Going back to one of my previous statements about students helping each other in their course of study; that probably is where my best memories come from,” Sandusky said. “Late nights at each other's houses, working together in the chemistry lab, huddling around the tables in the study area – these not only helped me learn and incorporate my newfound knowledge but provided me with many laughs and some very close friendships that have stood the test of time.”

Sandusky’s success did not end at SIC, though. In fact, his time at SIC helped to clear a path for his successful career. Sandusky graduated as a Doctor of Pharmacy from SIUE in 2012. Since then, he has practiced in a number of capacities.

 “I have worked in several different pharmacy settings, including working for chain and independent community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and as a consultant for a pharmaceutical company,” Sandusky said. “I currently practice at Plum Street Pharmacy, a family-owned pharmacy in Carmi.”

Much of this success, Sandusky claims, can be traced back to his choice to begin his studies at SIC. The advantages, both in financial accessibility and educational quality, have helped to lead Sandusky down a successful career path.

“SIC is small, but has a big heart,” Sandusky said. “This shows in the product they produce – well-rounded, educated, and capable students destined to make their mark on the world.”


Written by Bailey Drone, student writer.